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Haicheng Pulin Mining Co., Ltd. was founded on August 21, 2003. The company’s registered capital is 80 million Yuan, legal representative is Li Zhengfan. And the total assets of the company are 960 million Yuan.

I. Superior geographical position: the plant site is away 45km from Yingkou Port, 105km from Ba Yuquan Port, only 25km of Shenyang-Dalian Railway Haicheng Station, it is adjacent to Shenda highway, Shenda High Speed Rail, Dapan highway, and the Danshan highway is through the garden, and it has very convenient land and water communication and transportation.

II. Business equipment and capacity: the magnesite ore and talcum mine possessed by the company have good taste, huge reserves, and are characterized in high brightness, good transparency, low abrasiveness, smoothness, fineness, low impurity content and the like. The company implements hole mining to mineral products, has safe and rational tunnel design, and possesses advanced mine selection equipment production line, channel ventilation installations are complete, and provided with six system monitoring, giving safe production as priority. The annual capacity of high-quality talcum is 150,000 tons, and 300,000t for magnesite.

III. Mineral resources: the company has the right of mining, the mine district covers an area of 434,000 square meters. There are 15.5 million tons of high quality magnesite and about 18 million tons of talcum reserves explored in the mine district, capable of constantly mining 50 years. At present, the oversizing procedures of the right of mining are issued. After expansion, the company will have richer mineral reserve, which further improves the mine production ability, lays the solid foundation for the long-term development of the company, and provides superior raw material resource assurance for the downstream industry.

IV. Staff composition: there are 130 staff, including 11 middle-level manager above, the company has established scientific, younger, modern and informationalized management team, laying a certain foundation for the long-term development of the company.

V. Product variety and sales: the company produces high-quality talc lump, clinohumite and the like.
The company has established a younger sales team capable of timely grasping marketing information, expanding the market, and feedback user’s demands to the company timely, so that the company timely adjusts product structure and production plan.

VI. Enterprise culture: the company implements standardization management based on modern enterprise management system, pays attention to people first and implements human-based management, focuses on the establishment of special enterprise culture and promotes the sustainable development of the company.

VII. Mining and protection of mineral resources: during the mining process of mineral resources, the company strictly implements mining operation in accordance with the policies on mineral resources protective mining issued by the State Council, and according to the flow.

VIII. Enterprise development: in order to adapt to the demands of rapid market economic development, meet the demands for high quality talcum and magnesite for each industry at home and abroad, the company has established a younger sales team, on the basis of meeting the self-use of ore, the company constantly adjusts and updates the idea of enterprise development, and promotes industrialization updating, so as to make products striding forwards the refined and further processing direction via  effective scientific management model.

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