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Haicheng Qianyuan  Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in April 2011, it is a modern specialized manufacturer mainly engaged in magnesite refractory. Legal representative of company:  Li Haimeng, registered capital of company is 30 million Yuan, total assets are 250 million Yuan, and the annual sales is up to 230 million Yuan.

I. Superior geographical position: the company is located in Pailou Town, Haicheng City, Liaoning Province, known as the “village of magnesite talcum in China”, the plant site is away 60km from Yingkou Port, 120km from Ba Yuquan Port, 20km of Shenyang-Dalian Railway Haicheng Station, it is adjacent to Shenda highway, Shenda High Speed Rail, Dapan highway, and the Danshan highway is through the garden, and it has very convenient land and water communication and transportation.

II. Enterprise scale and equipment: the company covers an area of 130,000 square meters, with the floor area of 82,000 square meters, the company possesses 71 sets of modern light-roasting reaction `kilns, 3 sets of mid-range magnesite shaft kilns, 2 sets of common magnesite shaft kilns and 19 sets of raymond mills. The annual production volume of various magnesia refractory is 850,000 tons, in which: the output of the commercial caustic burned magnesia is ranking first in Asian. There are a production line of electric stove hearth ramming mass under construction, a production line of environmental tundish dry material production line, and a production line of bedding face material, gunning mix, refractory magnesia and aluminium amorphous refractory. It is expected that the three modern production lines are put into use in the next half of 2016, after the project is constructed and put into operation, it is capable of newly increasing 100 million Yuan of output value and producing a certain social benefit.

III. Product research: the company possesses own R&D team, laboratory and product quality testing room, combined with enterprise development planning, the company unites University of Science and Technology Liaoning and other institutions of higher learning to constantly perfect product quality and promote new products to market.

IV. Staff composition: the company has 480 staff, including 5 employees with graduate degree, 35 employees with bachelor degree and 80 college degree, the company has established scientific, younger, modern and informationalized management team, laying a certain foundation for the long-term development of the company.

V. Product items: the company produces the following light calcined magnesia series of products: building-level magnesium oxide, chemical-level magnesium oxide, magnesium fertilizer, feed grade magnesium oxide, desulfurizing magnesium oxide and other series of products.

VI. Product sales: on the aspect of sales strategy, based on the north market area with the northeast, North China and Shandong as priority, implement mapping to South China to strengthen the establishment of middle and southwest markets. Adhering to the strategy of direct supply channel building, the company develops long-term direct clients to improve the ratio of direct clients, expand the long-term cooperation client base, and concludes long-term cooperative program with customers, so as to build steady and faithful customer group, perfect product selling network at home and abroad, improve pricing system, in principle, carry out pricing by monthly. Carry out yearly/quarterly and other long-term pricing method, so as to improve the market risk resistance. At present, the light calcined magnesia marketed by the company accounts for about 15% of the international and national market shares.

VII. Product quality: the company passes GB/T19001:2008 quality management system certification, in recent two years, the yield of the products manufactured by the company has been up to 98%.

VIII. Enterprise culture: the company implements standardization management based on modern enterprise management system, pays attention to people first and implements human-based management, focuses on the establishment of special enterprise culture and promotes the sustainable development of the company.

IX. Environmental protection: a large number of dust produced by production construction of the enterprise has polluted environment, in order to improve surroundings conditions, the company pays high attention to environmental pollution improvement, and regards environment as a great event of enterprise produce, operation and development management for implementation, and carries out technical reform to the light calcined magnesia reflection kiln and middle-grade magnesia shaft kiln production technology via using gas producer, duplex cyclone dust removal, bag filter, high tension electrostatic precipitator, cyclone tower effective removing-SO_x deduster and other environmentally protective facility, the accumulative cost input is more than 20 million Yuan, therefore, the enterprise surrounding profile is changed to greatly decrease the pollution of dust and exhaust, and to improve air quality.

X. Enterprise development: based on perfect quality assurance system, advanced technological level and skillful operant level of staff, the company constantly introduces advanced management and management idea, abiding by “quality first, integrity first and customer first”, the company strives for achieving a special stronger road in the aspects of product research, production sales and customer service, constantly adjusts the thought of updating enterprise development, and promotes industrial upgrading, so as to constantly update the product structure and make products striding forwards the refined and further processing direction via new technological innovation.

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