Qianyuan Refractory

Flood Control and Drainage Project


Development and construction project Soil and Water Conservation Facility Unit Engineering Acceptance Signing Document Construction Project Name: Haicheng Jinyuan Mining Co., Ltd. Production and Construction Project Unit Haicheng Jinyuan Mining Co., Ltd. Supervision unit: Liaoning Baiyuan Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Monitoring unit: Liaoning Tianyu Consulting Service Co., Ltd. Construction unit: Haicheng Pailou Town Construction Co., Ltd.

Qianyuan Refractory Co. , Ltd.

ADD:Haicheng county, liaoning province DaiJia archway town industrial park



Qianyuan Refractory Co. , Ltd. (Sales Department)

CONTACT:Zhengyang Zhao(Minister)   TEL:0412-3772316 13942285129

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