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ADD:Haicheng county, liaoning province DaiJia archway town industrial park
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Warmly celebrate the website of Haicheng Zhuofan science and Technology Development Co., ltd.!!!

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2019/03/25 09:06
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Warmly celebrate the website of Haicheng Zhuofan science and Technology Development Co., ltd.!!!

Haicheng Zhuofan Technology Development Co. Ltd. "referred to as Zhuofan technology" is a large resource of business entities, the company is located in the "world pailou town Haicheng City talc magnesium, called" the hometown of daijiagou Industrial Park, the company to enrich the quality of magnesite and talc resources resources as the basis, the formation of the ore mining, beneficiation, sintering workshop, fine grinding, processing and packaging of a set of scientific production process.

Zhuofan science and technology is 2 kilometers away from Dan Hai expressway, 60 kilometers away from Yingkou port, 80 km from Bayuquan port, 280 km from Dalian Port, only 130 kilometers from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, with convenient transportation and unobstructed transportation.

Zhuofan technology has 4 subsidiaries, Haicheng Haicheng Qian source Refractories Co., Sheng powder manufacturing Co. Ltd., Haicheng Pu Lin Mining Co. Ltd, Haicheng Tianyuan powder Co., with fixed assets of 680 million yuan, 580 employees, professional and technical personnel 59 people, the factory covers an area of 400 thousand square meters, building area of 240 thousand square meters, the main products are light burning Magnesium Oxide series, talc series, hydraulic concrete admixture series, composed of magnesia refractories series etc..

The company since its establishment in 1995, all employees' quality first, integrity management, customer first "business philosophy, strict implementation of national and industry standards, and has passed the GB/T 19001-2008/180 9001:2008 national quality system certification, the company has import and export right, the products except in the domestic sales are exported to the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and other international markets, and received unanimous recognition and praise of customers at home and abroad. On this basis, the company's staff will continue to high-quality products and warm and thoughtful service, and sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad for more information, negotiations, exchanges and cooperation, and create a better future.