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Qianyuan refractory material

Qianyuan refractory material

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Zhuo fan technology under the sea city modest refractory material Co. Ltd is the largest China light burning Magnesium Oxide production base, now has fixed assets 300 million yuan, registered capital of 30 million yuan, 290 employees, professional and technical personnel 28 people, the factory covers an area of 140 thousand square meters, construction area of 91600 square meters, with the most advanced light burned the reflection kiln 71, 5R Raymond machine 20, 60, 65, can produce 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 92 and 95 specifications of light burned magnesia powder, the annual output of about 600 thousand tons, is the best product for Magnesium Sulfate, Magnesium Oxide, lightweight glass steel, magnesium hydroxide, inorganic fireproof board, spinel light wallboard, Dapeng bracket, ventilation pipe, fireproof cables, Magnesite covers, mold, activities room, arts and crafts, magnesite board glass plate, thermal power plant desulfurization main purpose.

I have three mid-range magnesite kiln refractory source, re burned magnesite kiln two, can produce high quality 95 mid-range magnesite calcined 150 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons, 50 thousand yuan of high purity magnesia, fused magnesia and magnesia refractory materials 50 thousand tons.